This is Jiu-Jitsu Right Now

Tatami Fight Gear Zen Gorilla:

Tatami Fight Gear Zen Gorilla.

Things had not been going my way since yesterday morning. I woke up with anger. I’ve learned to pause and try to name exactly what I feel. I did this. I named my anger.  Then, after doing BJJ for an hour and a half, I decided to name what I was feeling again.  I write this partly because of a recent NPR article/segment on a group in San Diego that is providing free MMA training for veterans with PTSD.  The results have been amazing. Two of my own training partners are veterans and both testify that BJJ has saved their lives. For me, for today, it saved me from a day walking around being a jerk to everyone around me.

Right now I feel (9am)

  • enraged
  • furious
  • hateful
  • hostile
  • incensed
  • seething
  • vengeful
  • exploited
  • fuming
  • spiteful
  • used
  • vindictive
  • agitated
  • controlled
  • frustrated
  • infantilized
  • resentful
  • stifled
  • aggravated
  • cheated
  • provoked

Right now after BJJ I feel (2pm after BJJ)

  • assured
  • confident
  • fulfilled
  • gratified
  • resolved
  • content
  • fortunate
  • glad
  • good
  • peaceful
  • relaxed
  • satisfied
  • valued
  • loved

If you have the time, take a look at the NPR article, “First Rule of This Fight Club.” 

“To me, fighting is the best metaphor for life. If you’re in a stressful position, on your back … getting punched in the face, there’s certain steps that you have to go through to get out of that. You have to cognitively make decisions while you’re extremely stressed out,” he says.

The idea is to use the same training outside the ring, says Vance.

“I think that transfers directly over to, ‘I’m at the stop light, why is that guy staring at me?’ I’m going to stop, take a breath, calm down, assess the situation, as opposed to, ‘I’m stressed, I react, and now I’m in jail.’ It teaches everybody to slow down, take a breath and take things from there.”


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